The thrill and excitement of a photoshoot is what really gets my pulse going! Its a chance for the photographer, the makeup artist and of course the model to explore their creativity, collaborating together resulting in not just a photo but a piece of art. Whatever the theme of the shoot, either fashion, advertisement or catwalk it promises a day of hard work, but it never fails to be worthwhile when looking over the finished outcome. However nothing quite compares to having the opportunity to let your artistic flair run wild and fabricate something really unique and fresh.

In this photoshoot I was fortunate enough to work with Amy Crawford from Boss Model Management, where I had the freedom to create an individual look. By experimenting with colour I managed to highlight the stunning features of this model resulting in a vibrant yet icy contrast. My advice, try it yourself ! go for it and mix things ups, you may just create something special.

For more information on photoshoot makeup and hairstyling please get in touch.

Kate Gately